Don't expect too much on my small website. If you want to contact or follow me, do so on:


In short: Born in 1979 in Germany, moved to France in 2002. About to ask for the french citizenship.

I was a heavy equipment mechanic for some bigger brands and I worked as engineer for sport boats and yachts. Since my grave work accident in 2005, I decided to transform my passion into my full time job. And in 2006 I got the opportunity to join my friend in his fresh startup for web development.


I am a Linux power user. On my Dell workstation is Arch Linux running, and on our company servers are several different Ubuntu LTS versions installed.

I am heavily working with:

My tools of choice are:


Mountain biking and workouts!
In my playlist you'll find mostly electro, from Dub/Drum/Deathstep over D'n'B to Trap/Tek.
Also there is Battlefield 3 on the PS3. And my old time favorite OpenTTD to which I return every other month.

Thanks for stepping by. See you around!